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20 Years in the Jewelry business.  I started out from my garage in 1999.  Driving across the country where ever there was an opportunity to present my unique pieces to customers in California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon just to name a few states.

I had jewelry pieces custom made by hand from silver smiths in Pakistan or India region. 

Covid Changed the way I had to grow my business.

SC Story | was Founded in 1999

I went to Pakistan in 1999, I had met with my brother’s friends who were silver smiths and jewelry makers while I had visited their shops, I saw an opportunity to bring these unique pieces to the US market.

I purchased a small quantity of hand-crafted pieces of jewelry and soon found there was much interest shown by my family and friends and soon I started too slowly grow. I started out of my 300 square foot garage and drove many miles in my mini-van every chance I got to a nearby craft fair or a church parking lot on the weekends.

I purchased few more hand-crafted pieces and went to different craft fairs across California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, and New York.

This is who we are, we are a small family business, I started 20 years ago, and I now had the opportunity to expand outside of a traditional marketplace after covid, we were not able to attend any tradeshows, we are expanding our presence online to bring you the very best collection of everything at your fingertips.

We are thrilled to launch our online business in the next few days follow us across our social media handles for grand opening special deals and promotions sign up today.

Thank you, Sunny B.

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